Exchange Granular Recovery


Exchange Granular Recovery


Infrascale Exchange Granular Recovery is the mailbox recovery software that saves time, money, and resource_files when recovering Microsoft® Exchange Server data.

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Key Features

  • Individual mailbox restore - Exchange Granular Recovery can slash restore time, making it possible to restore mail items from a previous full backup directly into your production Exchange Server, or directly into a new or existing PST file. This eliminates the need for a recovery server and the extra steps required to separately import mail back into Exchange Server or Microsoft® Office Outlook®.
  • Eliminates backups of an individual mailbox - Exchange Granular Recovery eliminates the need to back up individual mailboxes because they can be restored directly from an EDB file.
  • Minimizes the time to locate all email matching specific criteria - Exchange Granular Recovery includes an Advanced Find feature that can search across all mailboxes in an archive EDB file, rather than searching one mailbox at a time or bringing an old backup back online for analysis. And you can search by a variety of criteria, including keywords, subject, date and specific users.
  • Minimize storage space and the cost required to store and archive your backups - Because you don't need to back up mailboxes individually doing a brick-level backup, you eliminate the backup space, cost, and time associated with performing brick-level backups.
  • Minimize the time to back up all mailboxes - Exchange Granular Recovery eliminates the need to back up mailboxes individually. Normally, companies do a full Exchange Server backup, and then run a second process to back up "Very Important Mailboxes" (VIMs) individually as well. Exchange Granular Recovery eliminates this second process.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces costs for storage and archiving backups
  • Minimizes time needed for mailbox backup
  • Eliminates the need for individual mailbox backup