Holiday Tips

holiday Gift

Well it is that time of year again and we are all looking for gifts for loved ones and at the same time trying to avoid the insanity of the mall. We have complied some tidbits of info that could help you in your purchasing decisions. Here we go….

1.       Verizon iPhone’s are unlocked out of the box. They come with a Verizon sim card but if you are looking for a phone that you can use a different sim card when traveling overseas then this is the device for you. The only other unlocked out of the box phone in the US would be the unlocked version which obviously, you can not get on a payment plan.

2.       The new apple Macbook Pro models are not upgradable after the fact. Both the memory and the SSD are soldered onto the motherboard. This may or may not be an issue for you but remember if you think you need to storage or memory there will be no going back after the purchase.

3.       Save time at many stores by ordering online for pickup. Lots of stores offer purchase online for local pickup if you just need that gift right away. Stores like BestBuy and Apple are key examples of stores that you can do this with. We have used this many times grabbing the latest iPhone without waiting in line at the apple store.

4.       Watch the shipping windows. Most online retailers will give you dates of no return but keep in mind that UPS, FedEX and USPS are busy and while they do their best there is never any really any guarantee as we get close to the holidays.

5.       When shopping online be careful… If the site looks suspicious and doesn’t have a way to contact the seller beware. Don’t give out your credit card on non secure websites and certainly not on websites that you are a bit worried about using. There are far more scams out there during the holiday season so just be wary.

Hope these few tips help and remember if you have technology questions about implementing new things for your business or your life give Basiclink a call. Happy Hollidays!!