Have a Small Business? Take Control of Your Local Resources!!

So, what is a local resource? A local resource is a local organization, service, or tool that a SMB (Small to Medium Sized Business) can use to increase their customer base by utilizing the services it offers. In short, a business to business networking service, or an online review service or app.

One of the first things that you need to do as a business owner in this high tech day and age is to take control of the local resources that are designed to help people find you. Whether you know it or not, and even without having a web page, Facebook page, or any sort of online presence, your business has an identity. Jump on this NOW and secure your business’ identity. Many services post up your business name and location as soon as you appear on the map. Login, follow the steps, and claim your business as yours.

Below are a few key resources that you as a business owner should seize at the earliest possible time:

Google My Business – This one is very important, as it appears across ALL Google platforms, so it is vital to insure that your business listing is correct. When your business first shows up on Google Maps, and in Google search results, check that your address, phone number, and business name information is correct. This will ensure that potential customers can find and contact you easily. This service has nothing to do with your website, or it’s ranking on Google, but has everything to do with taking advantage of a free resource that Google makes available to you.

Yelp – If you have never used Yelp, we expect that you have at least heard of it. Yelp is one of the most popular websites/applications for users to find information and reviews about businesses and services in a local area. For many, this is the first app that they turn to when searching for a coffee house, restaurant or other service-type business. Users look for businesses close to them, what they offer, and what reviews they have received. Taking control and claiming your listing on Yelp is key! Also, make sure it is updated with all your correct contact information.

Foursquare – Now similar to Yelp, Foursquare has evolved from a location check-in game, to expanding their service to offer check-in activities and a user-created review site. Foursquare is a good place for a customer to look for information about a business or service, and that means another location for your to make sure your information is listed correctly.

Chamber of Commerce – Your local Chamber of Commerce is a treasure trove of information and networking. A chamber of commerce, sometimes called the “board of trade”, is a business network. In other words, it’s a local organization of businesses whose goal is to further the interests of businesses. Your local Chamber of Commerce consists of fellow business owners in your town or city, who get together to form a local society to advocate on behalf of the business community. Your Chamber will often provide business information and public reviews to visitors looking for information about the community and it’s businesses.

There are other resources out there to use, but if you only have the time or resources to do the minimal amount of online work, the services above will give you a good start. Basiclink has the know-how to set you up with a comprehensive business marketing plan to incorporate your website, social media, and review services that will have you standing out from the herd! Contact us today to learn how. And stay tuned to the Basiclink blog to learn more tips and tricks on everything from SEO to Office 365…