Keywords: Getting Your Website Noticed…

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Whether you know it or not, It is a HUGE part of a business’ online presence these days. To succeed in today’s market, you need to consider SEO when setting up your business online. So here are a few things to think about with regards to SEO.

The first thing to consider when looking into SEO options are the keywords that will bring you up in the search engine rankings and get your website in front of customers. It’s a good idea to know what customers are searching for with regards to your line of business, that way you can set up your site to target those terms. So do your homework, and research what customers are looking for.

Don’t make the mistake of using keywords that have nothing to do with the product or service that you are offering. Let’s say you sell top quality bicycles and you pride yourself on your service and support. It would be a big mistake to use the term “discount” in any of the key words that you are going to target. The customer Googling the word “discount” could care less about top quality or your service and support offerings. They just want something cheap. Focus on the potential client that is looking for what you are offering. It’s better to avoid all the traffic who are just “browsing”, and instead focus on a target client that will spend money on your offerings.

Another big mistake that many businesses make is targeting keywords that do not get many searches. It’s cool to be Number One on the search results, but if no one is searching for that term, it’s not doing your business any good. Instead, choose terms that people are actually searching for, as this will bring you the best return on your investment. Again, do your homework!

Avoid the old needle in the haystack. Sometimes, a business tries to cover all the bases with a term, or set of terms, that is very broad. Very often, this will bury your website deep into the pages of the search results. Try to narrow your keywords down to be more specific to your business and your customer base. The goal is to get your website on to the first two pages of results of a search.

So remember, the best keywords will be phrases that –

  • Describe your business or service so users searching those keywords will find what they are looking for on your site.
  • Is a term that is actually searched for and will guarantee that your site will get in front of people, translating into clicks and eyeballs.
  • Not be so broad that it will be impossible to get onto the first couple of pages.
  • And stay tuned to the Basiclink blog to learn more tips and tricks on everything from SEO to Office 365…