Going all in with Web based email

When Steve Jobs told us 10 years ago that web apps were the future I did not believe him one bit. Of course he was talking about the lack of app store when the iPhone launched and how anything you needed was available using a browser and you did not need apps.. till Apple launched their app store later and then you did need apps. Now 10 years later I find myself using a web based email client exclusively and have not looked back.

All the major email services these days have excellent web solutions. Each of these services suggest using their solution to collect mail and here are some good reasons to do just that..

1 ) All your settings anywhere you go – Once you get your web based email system setup the way you like it the service stores all that in the cloud so you will see the same interface with your customizations anywhere you login. This is a comforting feeling when you get trapped on the road and need to jump on a friend’s machine to send a quick message.

2) Always the latest – As the online services like Office365 and G Suite come out with new features the only way to be assured to get the latest features is to use their web based applications. This is also the best way to take advantage of all the integrations that they all feature within their ecosystems.

3) Ease your IT support headache – If you have staff that you need to help with their IT needs this will help make sure they are all on the same solution and make giving them support a breeze. No more wondering if they have settings entered in correctly or if they are using the latest version of whatever app they are using. This doesn’t sound like much but it can be a big one for your IT department.

There are a few more but this gives you the highlights. I was hesitant to make the switch at first but at the moment I am using web based solution for Office365 exclusively and have no regrets.