Adding outside accounts to Office365


Extend your Office365 experience by adding external email accounts to your mail system. This makes the Office365 portal even more of a one stop shop for all your productivity needs. With the below instructions, you will be able to add any external email that you have so that you will not have to collect from so many different places. 

The first steps will be to gather the information for the email account that you want to collect. You will need at a minimum the email address and password on the account. Some of the external services can be setup with just the basics while others will need both incoming and outgoing servers to be entered. 

When you have your Office365 email open in the web browser simply hit the cog icon in the upper left of the screen and select mail under your app settings at the very bottom. Once you select this a menu will come up on the left side of the screen. Look under the accounts section and click on Connected accounts. 

The Connected accounts screen will show any accounts that are attached to your account. Simply hit the + on the top left of the list to addnew account. This will bring up a new screen where you will put in the email address and password. If all goes well you simply enter in your email and password and Office365 will be able to find the rest. In some cases, another screen will come up where you will need to put in your incoming and outgoing server information. 

Once this is done your account will begin to collect email from the external account and you can stop checking it outside of Office365.