Backups to save your World...

It happens to countless times a day, from small businesses to huge corporations; people come into work, log onto their workstation, and the computer crashes. This not only disrupts the workday, but all of the data that had been so meticulously gathered, analyzed, worked on, and stored is gone in an instant. Many of us have had that feeling of helplessness accompanying this tragedy. The question to ask yourself is “How do I protect myself and my business?” 

Since the birth of “The Cloud”, and the resulting years of refinement, quality reliable backups are available to businesses and consumers worldwide. Cloud-based backups do more than just storing your important files and data from your computer; they also ease the workload of your computer by storing your precious data outside of your computer. Backups help to protect you against annoying, and often fatal, ransomware by ensuring that your data is safely stored off site, ready to be re-accessed when the infection has ended.

When it comes to backups, a couple of the biggest reasons we hear for NOT taking advantage of this service are: “It’s so confusing” and “It’s so expensive”. Unfortunately this thinking is all too common, and frankly, outdated. Today, cloud-based backup can be configured to be always on, backing up as you go, or you can easily set up a schedule when your computer, or the entire company’s computers, can run backups outside of business hours. It still flabbergasts me that people and companies trust their priceless data is secure on a hard drive, or local server. One would think that they would want this valuable data stored securely, confidently, and off site, without fear of intrusions or vulnerable to crashing. And for only a couple hundred dollars a year, you can have this precious data stored securely in the cloud.

We’ve seen it so many times. You should seriously consider storing your data with a reliable backup service in the cloud. Contact Basiclink today, as we offer many options and packages, tailor-made to fit you and your business or company. Don’t make the mistake and lose all of your precious time and information! Call us today.