Ransomeware is out there… Are you protected?

It seems today that Ransomware is one of the bigger threats to your personal and business files. You have heard about the stories on how the attack will target your files and encrypt them so that you no longer have access.. The only solution that you can imagine if you just can’t live without your documents is to pay the ransom and hope that these thieves are honest enough to not just take your money and run

Why worry about the bad things that could be around the corner when you can take some steps to protect yourself from the problem in the first place. There are a few things to do to make sure ransomeware doesn’t cripple you or your business.

1)    Be careful when opening attachments or clicking on suspicious links. This will help keep you safe in general but not opening strange files even from friends or colleagues will be one way to help protect yourself from both ransomeware and viruses.

2)    Backup..Backup.Backup - Get your files backed up so that even if your computer explodes you have your files safely tucked away somewhere else. For ransomeware specifically if is good to have a cloud backup service that gives multiple versions to restore from.

“The number one threat polluting enterprise networks is ransomware. According to a recent survey, 41% of U.S. businesses had at least encountered between one to five ransomware attacks in the previous 12 months. When you’re infected with ransomware—you have two choices: pay the ransom or recover data from a clean backup.

   •     Unlimited Version History
If ransomware changes your most recent backup, having unlimited version history gives you the confidence to turn back time to restore unencrypted files from a known good backup.

   •     Don’t just Protect your Servers
Not being able to recover your CEO’s desktop files is never a good answerSince ransomware is disseminated via phishing and web downloads, endpoint protection is vital to guarding against today’s most pervasive threats.

   •     Simple & Fast Ransomware Data Recovery
Infrascale makes it simple to restore any versions of files backed up. Just find a clean, unencrypted version of the files or folders you want to restore and download them in seconds. Problem solved.”


If you need help getting your backups solution in order for your personal or business needs let us know. We can offer you Infrascale’s cloud backup solutions today.