Upgrading to G Suite Business is more than just storage...

If you are a Google G Suite user you know the basic features that you have come to depend on. Now that Google has give you the Business offering it is time to see what might make you want to upgrade to this new tier.

If you have more than 10 users you already know one of the big reasons that people upgrade is to take advantage of the new unlimited storage feature. This is certainly a big deal and for many will be the main reason to step up to business but what if you don't need the storage.. Is there still a reason that you would want to take a look at Business...

Security tops the reasons that you might upgrade beyond the storage.. Google is offering these new features for Business users.

1. Sharing settings by Organizational Unit (OU) - reduces risk by limiting who can share files externally, also limits who can use the client to sync content to their local machine.

2. Google Drive audit reports, alerts and APIs - give you visibility into what’s shared outside your company, monitoring and pro-active alerts for events, such as when an admin changes their password.

3. Google Vault is an information management add-on for G Suite Business that includes archiving and retention capabilities to help you manage your data and be ready for litigation, audits or investigations: Policy-based, automated retention/deletion of email/chat Preservation & legal hold of email/chat Search and export of email/chat & documents for review Google Vault can also help recover files that employees accidentally delete, reducing hassles for the end users. G Suite Business also includes unlimited storage so you can safely and securely store all your company’s data.

G Suite Business is the next step in getting your business committed to the cloud. You will now have the storage and security to give you peace of mind and allow you to turn your attention to your business.