October Newsletter

Wondering about RingCentral?

By now I am sure that you have heard of VOIP or voice over IP. Basically getting your phone service over the internet. This has long been a growing technology in business and has now come to your home and small business. With this technology you can get the advanced business features once only available to big business’s with deep pockets at a much more affordable price.

Ring Central and other newer VOIP offering allow large and small business to get the most advanced functionality from an easy to implement system that gives you plenty of flexibility to grow. From the one person small business to a multi location office VOIP systems can handle it all and give you advanced calling features along with video conferencing and screen sharing all for one affordable price.

If you are curious about what VOIP services there are out there and what Basiclink can help you with give us a call today. We can see what you needs may be and match you up with either RingCentral or one of the other offerings that will best meet your needs.

Back to our Roots….

Were it all started for Basiclink years ago was website hosting. Long before anyone had coined the term LAMP hosting or being in the cloud we offered reliable website hosting for our customers like you. In face many of you may have been with us when it all started in 1995. Back then names like SGI (Silicon Graphics) and Sun were big when talking about platforms for hosting.

Well all these years later we have expanded our offerings but we are still offering our core hosting offerings. In case you were wondering we still offer full hosting solutions including -

  •  Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Custom Dedicated or Virtual solutions

With all of our new offerings like Office 365, RingCentral and other products we want to remind you that we do offer our original core services.

Will Office365 work for me?

If you are looking for a great way to take your email to the next level this is the time to check out our Office 365 product from Microsoft. This is a great way to get your life and your business communications organized and into one secure location. With one move you can take your email, contacts, calendar and files to the cloud and gain access to them from web, desktop and mobile device.