Get secure VoIP service with optimum reliability

RingCentral VoIP service is encrypted with secure voice between endpoints on the network—including desk phones, RingCentral for Desktop, and, with VoIP calling enabled, the RingCentral mobile app.

Why does this matter for your business? Secure VoIP service ensures that your business communications are protected from service interruption threats such as natural disasters, power outages, and malicious attacks. Without a secure, reliable VoIP network, downtime can have dire consequences for your bottom line. For example, with a traditional PBX, a simple power outage could result in lost customers or prospects who are attempting to call your business, which ultimately results in loss of profits.

RingCentral provides businesses with carrier-grade reliability and security, with Tier 1 network centers and 24/7 monitoring to ensure your service isn’t disrupted. RingCentral’s geographically dispersed data centers provide redundant layers of security—at the perimeter, at the service delivery layer, and with SSL-encoded web applications.

To ensure the best possible call quality on all of your phone calls, RingCentral offers customers the tools to check your internet connection speed as well as instructions on how to configure your router properly. Keep in mind that several key factors can impact the quality of service (QoS)—including routers that prioritize voice traffic over lower-priority traffic, such as large downloads. To see if your current bandwidth can support

Empower your workforce with mobile-ready VoIP.

As the leading business VoIP provider, mobility is at the heart of RingCentral’s VoIP solution. RingCentral’s service is mobile-ready and is ideal for bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives. RingCentral for iPhone® and Android™ makes and receives VoIP-enabled calls and can switch networks seamlessly without dropping calls. With the mobile app, employees are empowered to work the way they want on their favorite device—all while maintaining a unified business identity.

For IT administrators and small-business owners alike, a centralized dashboard makes management easy and efficient. The entire VoIP system, including all extensions and company locations, can be managed from anywhere, on any device. Whether your workforce is distributed across business locations, working remotely, and even using a home phone, keep them connected as if they never left the office. The full-featured app boosts productivity and provides employees with voice, fax, text, conferencing, and online meetings—anywhere there’s an internet connection.

All-inclusive pricing simplifies billing and eliminates hidden costs.

You can expect all-inclusive pricing and one consolidated bill from RingCentral—eliminating complex management and billing associated with multiple vendors.

RingCentral’s VoIP hosting service is part of an all-inclusive service, which means you get voice, fax, text, audio conferencing, online meetings—plus mobile and desktop apps in one plan. With transparent plans and pricing, you know exactly what you are paying for—there are no hidden fees or charges beneath the surface. In addition to offering a robust feature set, RingCentral provides unlimited long-distance calling in the US and Canada, and toll-free minutes are included in all RingCentral Office plans.

Traditional on-premise PBX systems have hidden costs that are difficult to estimate up front. Besides the obvious price tags on PBX hardware, software licensing, and new telephones, these are a few hidden PBX costs to consider:

  • Maintenance contracts
  • PBX replacement and upgrade parts
  • Cost of connecting multiple locations
  • Telecom charges for local, long-distance, international calling,* or toll-free calls
  • Added costs for standalone services, such as online faxing or audio conferencing

RingCentral offers comprehensive, responsive customer support.

From the moment you become a RingCentral customer, you are fully supported by a team of product and customer success experts who deeply understand how to service VoIP, and can help keep your entire phone system running smoothly. In addition to providing 24/7 customer support, RingCentral ensures customer success with free, comprehensive onboarding.

The onboarding process provides new customers with network readiness information, phone number transfer instructions, guided implementation, and training sessions. You will have a dedicated account manager to deliver product expertise and recommendations so your RingCentral system evolves with your company’s needs and the latest innovative solutions businesses require to stay at the forefront of communications.

RingCentral actively seeks customer involvement in product feedback and development. Learn more about the latest features by participating in customer beta programs. Plus, release notes, webinars, and other useful product resources are available to RingCentral customers as soon as features are released, so you can stay up to date with the latest innovations.